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Much of our walk with the Lord can look like a cliff dive. We journey to the rendezvous point and find ourselves at the cliff where we get to choose whether we will jump into the deep end or walk away and wait. The Lord doesn't ask us to these places to leave us to just stand there. He is in it! He is jumping with us. Cliff diving I would imagine to be much like that place where it requires us to make a choice. He doesn't ask us to jump into unsafe places. He is well aware of what we are going to be jumping into. He has simply asked us to trust Him.

This is a season of seeing the manifestation of His promises over our families, our neighborhoods, our region, our state, our nation! Being diligent in prayer and seeking His plans and partnering with those things are about to unfold. I believe we are seeing the bowls of intercession tipping and releasing His glory over all we have been seeking Him for. We read in scripture that His Glory will cover the earth, and it has....we are about to see the Ephesians 3:20 unfold. The infinitely MORE! All because we are taking that leap into the unknown and trusting Him. Imagine yourself leaping off the cliff and the impact of hitting the water....the splash that goes far and wide. That is the picture of what our diving into intercession over our families, cities, and nations. We were never meant to live a life of standing at the top and looking....but to jump ALL IN. Creating such a splash that gets everything covered and the ripple effects continuing well after everything else is soaked. Will you meet Him at the rendezvous point? Will you jump? God is calling us to higher places, to dive all in and make a splash. Where is He calling you too? Climb your mountain!Take the plunge and release His Glory, you are a Glory carrier after all.

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