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Emergency Brake

Yesterday I was praying for Winning Wednesday Prayer and this picture popped up.

I saw buses, all sorts of buses. From school buses, to entertainment buses, political tour buses… obviously a form of mass transport, each bus representing the 7 mountains of influence. They were carrying leaders to specific areas of this “mountain”. At one point I realized that each bus had their brake lines cut and the buses were driving “out of control”. It’s then I heard the instructions from Holy Spirit to pull the emergency brake… to slow the buses down to a complete stop. As everyone unloaded off their buses and their feet hit the ground, it sent a seismic shaking… the men and women knew that they needed to get to their appointed places at their appointed time and it was NOW! They fanned out , side by side … not merely they way the road was “cut” , but taking the position to cover more territory … even if it meant taking on rocky terrain, encountering obstacles … they knew that it was time to not merely to ride on the prayers , but it was time for boots on the ground maneuvers and to take their places with personal action.

The enemy thought he could stop the progression of these warriors, by cutting the brake lines and creating chaos … threatening to send them to a “death”… but didn’t think of what prayer has set them up for. A position of authority, to act under dire circumstances and to cause them to shake all of hell when they set their feet on the ground and to take back every square inch of their mountain assignments….

It’s time we get off the bus of simply praying and to put our feet on the mountains we are called too. To stand side by side , to press forward and reach the top …. We are the influencers, we are called! Ask Holy Spirit where your assignment is, lace up those boots and March forward!!!!

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