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I heard Jesus saying to me:

“I have prayed for you that your would not fail.”

“I will heal you in a moment.”

“Let the weak say I am strong.”

Buffalo has been in national and international news repeatedly this year. Some have wondered what is happening here. Others have questioned is it God’s judgment? But God has declared revival over WNY and the prophets of God have decreed it many years…Bill Johnson came, Barbara Garlington prophesied a resurrection life anointing to spark revival in Buffalo and America, Mario Murillo came under God’s direction and thousands flowed out to a field…the birth pangs of revival for WNY…but like always, the enemy shows up where God is moving to try to crush the move of God. Like Herod killed the children of Bethlehem trying to destroy Jesus, Satan has attacked us with death to weary us, undermine our faith, steal our hope, and make us stuck in grief and doubt. The warfare over Buffalo has been so incredibly fierce because the move that is about to break out is like the mighty Niagara Falls. It will be a sign and a wonder to all the world and will spark a move of God across the nation that impacts the world. This has been prophesied for many years over our region and NOW is that time! The unnatural thunder and lightning in the midst of a snowstorm were declaring that His power and voice will not be stopped by anything. The attack of death against our city with shootings, and blizzards, cannot keep down the power of God and His resurrection life!!! Like Jesus dying on the cross, the death we have tasted felt like defeat and devastation BUT GOD!! In a moment, God turned the attack of the spirit of death once again to a victory moment that glorified Himself and woke up a city and touched our nation!! Damar Hamlin died in front of the nation, wearing the number of God, 3. He is a born again Christian used by the Lord. What began as a death turned into a resurrection that is calling people back to God!!! People everywhere are praying and talking about the power of prayer, even openly praying on TV broadcasts. The number 3 is a sign of hope and faith in God answering prayer. Even the double touchdown returns from the kickoff were a sign happening 3 years and 3 days since the last one. Signifying the turnaround from the enemy's strongest push to instant victory TWICE!! (Only 4 of those type of touchdowns have happened this year in the entire NFL and two happened for the Bills as they dedicated the game to Damar Hamlin in prayer. This is unheard of!! Even the Bills quarterback Josh Allen wept about it being a sign from God! This all is just the beginning!! Like when Jesus died and rose again, the promise of the Father, it is coming in a fresh way…it is time to go to the Upper Room and receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a new and mighty way!!! This Niagara Falls of the Spirit will not be stopped! The Acts church was an even greater manifestation of Jesus’s glory…ALL of His disciples carrying that same power and miracles, salvations, the visible fire of God falling!!! God is on the move in Buffalo so that He can take the hopeless, the weary ones, the land in mourning, to make it a sign and a wonder and spark a move of God today that will reach across the earth.

Pastor Jessica Collins (Vanguard Church)

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