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Stay the course!

I hear the Lord saying, "stay the course". All that is about to unfold will be victorious, but we the church, must stay the course. It will not be a time where we can step back and gloat over our victories. Yes, we are taking back land that is rightfully the Kingdoms, but we must stay the course of advancement. If we step back to settle into those victories, we will allow the enemy a time to regroup. We cannot compromise our position and the momentum of movement forward. Intercessors, you are on the front line and holding the arms of the Prophetic and Apostolic arms up as they release the strategies of heaven. Like we read in Exodus when Aaron and Hur had to hold Moses' hands up in order for Joshua and the Israelites to maintain their advantage on the battlefield, we also have a responsibility to uphold the leaders of this next move of God and to see the continued momentum of taking back what has been entrusted to us. We all have to take our positions as intercessors and our place in the movement of bringing Heaven to earth. This is a call to the church, the ekklesia. Hear His voice and the resounding call to STAY THE COURSE!

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