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Spending time with the Lord today I heard 5 subtle clicks … then saw a key, the key that was slide into the keyhole. The further the key went, another click. Hearing the tumblers in the lock sliding into place as the key was inserted. In my spirit I was hearing the Lord saying…

“The key that unlocks is called COMMITMENT “

I could see it engraved on the key. Then each tumbler had a word engraved as well





FAMILY (consistent gathering)

The further the key went, each tumbler fell into place, working its way to the final tumbler, which would unlock the lock.

It requires commitment to each of these to see things unlocked. We have been given a key, it will require us to be intentional at pressing in to see things unlocked. He has called His church to take their keys and to set the captives free. Some have very specific keys that unlock specific areas, others in office, have been given master keys that will unlock regions. Everyone of us has a key, will you take hold of your key of COMMITMENT ?

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